Who am I ?

Enchanté, my name is Mathieu Improvisato !

As a freelance graphic designer, I offer my services in website creation, video production, visual identity, and printed communication materials.

Proud recipient of a DUT Infocom from the IUT d'Illkirch, I furthered my education with a degree in graphic design from the IUT de Haguenau in 2010. Since then, I have gained experience in several communication agencies.

Passionate about new technologies, the web, and imagery, I strive to enhance my skills every day in the professions that are now mine: graphic designer, videographer, and web designer.

Communication Studies

I pursued a technological university curriculum in Alsace, culminating in obtaining a DUT in Information-communication COP (Organizational Communication and Advertising) and a professional license in TAIS (Techniques and Activities of Image and Sound).

10 years in an agency

I started my career as a graphic designer for large-scale retail before joining a multidisciplinary team focusing on web and video. Today, I am comfortable working on both printed materials and digital projects.

Web Enthusiast

My passion for the web began very early with the advent of the Internet, as early as the 2000s, where I enjoyed replicating famous websites. I have grown up with the web and continue to learn from it every day. I'm not afraid to say that I am a geek.


I am passionate about images, photography, and naturally, video. I produce documentaries and promotional clips for businesses. I use my Canon reflex camera equipped with a quality RØDE microphone, a stabilizer, and a DJI drone. The essentials!

    Web :

  • 👨‍💻 Web development
  • 👨‍🎨 Webdesign
  • 🏬 Showcase site
  • 👆 UI/UX
  • 📱 Responsive design
  • 📃 Landing page
  • 🤝 Content for social networks

    Graphics :

  • 🎨 Visual identity
  • ✍️ Logo
  • 📐 Graphic charter
  • 📝 Layout
  • 📖 Catalog
  • 📢 Flyers
  • 🖼️ Poster / Tarpaulin
  • 🧸 Advertising items
  • 📇 Business Card
  • 🅰 Adobe Creative Suite

    Audio-visual :

  • 🍿 Motion design
  • ✂️ Video editing
  • 🎥 Filming
  • 🚁 Drone
  • 📸 Shooting photo

Some projects

Here is a selection of projects on which I've had the opportunity to work

Website of the City of Sarreguemines

[FR] It's exciting to embark on such a complex project: a blend of legislation, politics, communication, and user service... This website is a tightrope act all on its own!

Website of Menuiserie Schreiber

[FR] In early 2023, Menuiserie Schreiber reached out to me to update their website. We started from scratch! Poof! We erased everything and started anew.

Exhibition "Au Pichet Kitsch"

[FR] The Museums of Sarreguemines house a significant collection of kitschy ceramic pitchers, each more kitsch than the other.

Radio Mélodie Logo

[FR] Sixteen years after the installation of the previous logo, Radio Mélodie presents its new visual identity today.

Board game "Sauvons Patapon" (Let's Save Patapon)

[FR] The Youth Municipal Council of Sarreguemines had the project of launching a board game based on the character of Patapon the heron.

The 100th anniversary of the Museums of Sarreguemines

[FR] Seeing one's creation on a 2 x 6 m banner, even after more than 10 years in the field of communication, always evokes something. 🤩😋

Museums of Sarreguemines Logo

[FR] Work on an icon featuring one of the masterpieces from the Winter Garden (located in the Museum of Ceramics) was carried out, allowing for an immediate location identification.

Radio Mélodie Website

[FR] I have been in charge of the Radio Mélodie website since 2012. It has undergone numerous major updates; we are now on the 4th version. An iOS and Android application has also been launched in parallel. I am also the creator of it.

Sarreguemines Summer Fest

[FR] The City of Sarreguemines wanted to create a comprehensive schedule of events offered throughout the summer. Concerts, shows, festivals, and downtown operations...

"Jambon L'art Cornichon" Logo

[FR] Welcome to the exquisite world of "Jambon L'art Cornichon," the ultimate delicatessen where a passion for gastronomy merges with the creativity of bric-a-brac. Located in Sarralbe, the shop stands out for its exceptional selection of fine and quality products.


I've had the opportunity to participate in various audiovisual projects. From advertising clips to interviews and on-field documentaries... Explore a selection of videos produced in recent years.

[FR] Maxime TRITZ, Deputy Mayor of Sarreguemines in charge of sports, meets with athletes from the city through interviews. In this episode, we meet Thierry CHRIST, coach and treasurer of the Sprinter Club Sarreguemines.

[FR] The City of Sarreguemines aims to raise awareness among its residents about proper sidewalk usage. Through a series of gradually released videos, the municipality intends to remind people of societal rules, provide some reflexes to adopt, and highlight the risks associated with not following these rules.

[FR] The Intermarché store in Sarreguemines has been repeatedly recognized for the quality of its decoration and its commitment to "zero pesticides." Meet Christophe, the mastermind behind this department...

[FR] Décor Idea: exploring Scandicraft, the new trend of well-being, nature, a return to basics, and cocooning for your interior, with Juliette from the Idea Maisons store in Sarreguemines (retail area, next to La Halle).

[FR] Here we are, the year 2021 has arrived! And it's the opportunity for Marc ZINGRAFF, Mayor of Sarreguemines, and his deputies to outline the major plans for the months ahead.

[FR] "The Manager's Good Deals" - Jérémie CAHN, downtown manager of Sarreguemines, revisits your comments posted on our social media following the launch of Bird scooters.


Passionate about imagery, I am naturally drawn to photography. A very skilled photographer once told me, "The best camera in the world is the one that is ready to be taken out of your pocket." I use both my Canon DSLR and my iPhone in this selection of photos that come from travels, experiences, and encounters.

Icône Adobe Photoshop Icône Adobe Lightroom

I work with Photoshop for retouching and manipulation, and Lightroom for color correction.

Inauguration of the 2021 edition of the Sarreguemines Christmas Market. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato Young man wearing a jersey of the French national football team with an iPhone in hand and an Apple Watch adorned with a bracelet in the colors of the French flag. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato iPhone 12 Pro Max placed on a table with an Instagram feed on the screen. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato New York Street under backlighting sun. ©2023 Mathieu Improvisato Lombard Street sign in San Francisco. ©2018 Mathieu Improvisato Christmas Bauble 'Piaf' (2021) from the CIAV Meisenthal. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato Company 'Les Bikers' at the Saint-Paul 2023, Sarreguemines street arts festival. ©2023 Mathieu Improvisato One of the facades of the Visitor Center at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. ©2018 Mathieu Improvisato Ferris wheel installed in the parking lot of the Sarreguemines City Hall during the Summer Fest. ©2020 Mathieu Improvisato Interior of a building in the abandoned premises of the former Sarreguemines faience factories. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato DJ performing on stage during the July 14th celebration in Sarreguemines. ©2023 Mathieu Improvisato Lex, a small Pug dog, on the back seat of a car. ©2020 Mathieu Improvisato In front of 'Lulu la Nantaise,' a creperie in Paris, with a bicycle parked on the sidewalk. ©2019 Mathieu Improvisato Snow-covered roofs of iconic buildings in the city of Sarreguemines. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato Nintendo NES console with a stack of games and a controller on a stone table. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato iPhone with the Apple Fitness+ app open, accompanied by sports accessories, an Apple Watch, and an Apple TV remote placed nearby. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato Rock singer and guitarist with a beard and a Weed cap during the 2023 Music Festival in Sarreguemines. ©2023 Mathieu Improvisato Peugeot e208 car charging in a parking space reserved for electric vehicles. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato A young woman throwing colored powder in the air, a child doing the same just in front of her. ©2020 Mathieu Improvisato A worker at Schreiber Carpentry feeds a wooden panel into a finishing machine. ©2023 Mathieu Improvisato Facade of a Corsican house in the village of Corte. ©2022 Mathieu Improvisato Sarreguemines Christmas Market Mulled Wine Cup. ©2019 Mathieu Improvisato Aerial drone photo of the Sarreguemines golf course. ©2021 Mathieu Improvisato

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Some frequently asked questions...

What type of client do I cater to?

Matoo Studio is a company primarily catering to professionals. This includes communication agencies, freelancers (real estate agents, alternative medicine practitioners, etc.), media, private companies, or public entities...

However, there are instances where I can consider private requests. Nevertheless, I do not handle the following areas: weddings, birthdays, communions, and any other family celebrations..

Am I fast in terms of deadlines?

The completion times primarily depend on the project itself. For the creation of a "simple" paper document (such as a business card or flyer), expect one to two business days following the signing of the quote. For a brochure with a large number of pages, the timeframe will inevitably be multiplied.

Regarding a web project, such as a website, the timeframe depends largely on you! The faster you respond, the sooner the website will be completed. In general, for a "standard" showcase website, expect between 2 and 3 months.

Where am I located?

Physically, I am based in Sarreguemines, in Moselle (Northeast of France, right on the Franco-German border). However, with the internet, I am everywhere! The web has no boundaries. I am, of course, capable of working remotely via video conferencing, phone calls, emails, SMS, carrier pigeon (but only in good weather) ☀.

Contact me directly by email or phone: hello@matoo.studio // 06 75 49 10 33

What is my privacy policy?

At Matoo Studio, accessible from https://matoo.studio, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This online privacy policy document contains the types of information collected and recorded by Matoo Studio and how we use them:

Read my privacy policy

Do I provide invoices?

Of course! Matoo Studio is a micro-enterprise registered under the SIRET number 90109628900011.

I use a CRM that allows me to generate proper invoices. All my revenue is declared to URSSAF every quarter.

What are my payment methods?

You can use one of the following methods: Bank transfer - CB / PayPal - Cash (for amounts under €1000).

For technical reasons related to the bank, I do not accept checks.